Liverpool placed into lockdown tier two – with stage shows currently given the green light

Liverpool has been placed in "tier two" under the latest lockdown rules.

As per the new lockdown restriction rules, socially distanced shows will be able to go ahead in line with the most recent guidance.

The tiers will be reintroduced from 2 December, and then re-evaluated from 16 December (with changes announced on 17 December) every fortnight. We will be providing local updates for areas across England throughout the day, as we receive word from venues.

*As it stands City Theatre based in Liverpool can still perform Bow & Arrow The Outlaws of Sherwood at the Black-E the last weekend in January. More details very soon. 


Les Misérables: 'We're working hard to assess the impact of the Government's latest statement'

The West End production of Les MIsérables has issued a statement in response to today's new rules regarding theatre capacities and the forthcoming tier systems in England.

The show is scheduled to begin a sold-out all-star concert run at the Sondheim Theatre in early December, beginning after the national lockdown restrictions are set to end. Appearing in the piece will be Michael Ball, Alfie Boe, Carrie Hope Fletcher, Shan Ako and many more.

However, today's set of revelations around restrictions after 2 December have created a two-pronged problem for producers and venue owners, including those overseeing Les Mis.

Under the new rules, venues in tier three (the high alert areas where risk of infection is at its greatest) are unable to reopen, while those in tiers one and two are able to reopen but are subject to new capacity caps (either 1000 people or 50 per cent of attendance – whichever is lowest). No such capacity restrictions existed during the earlier tier rules, while venues in tier three were able to stay open unless ordered to close by local authorities.

As such, even if theatres are in tiers one and two are able to reopen, they may have to change seating arrangements to suit these new capacity needs. As stated by the Julian Bird, chief executive of Society of London Theatre (SOLT) and UK Theatre and said: "The capacity constraints in tiers one and two will lead to financial problems for venues and disappointment for audiences. It is unclear why these have been instituted in a sector with no known spread of the virus."

The Les Mis production has advised any ticket holders to be patient while the production works out what the best options are – as it had stood, the show was set to play to a capacity of 750 socially distanced punters in a 1074-seater venue each night. It is likely that other venues across England are facing similar issues.

An extra spanner for show organisers – the lockdown status will be reviewed every two weeks – so some areas may slip from tier two into tier three with little notice.




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Synopsis: A new pirate adventure that has all the elements that thrill an audience including adventure, romance and comedy as well as a great story to inspire everyone involved. Set in the year 1765 Sea Hawk Pirates is a mysterious island located in tropical surroundings. The story begins when Princess Sophie has been kidnapped from her palace in the middle of the night by Fear and her Dark Angels. Then sunlight appears and we are in Sea Hawk Harbour, a small town which is popular with pirates and sailors. When Pirate Grace and Pirate Finn who argue they accidentally hire a ship together and for the first time ever the Renegade and Outlaw Pirate’s set sail together. They embarked on an epic journey to Storm Island. What possibly could go wrong? Unbeknown to Grace and Jake two orphans called Pipp & Ripp have sneaked aboard the ship had fled the orphanage and hope they can find their parents who went to the island years before.


On another ship, but heading to the same destination is the pompous Sir T. Lansdale and a young navigator called Wreck. Sir Lansdale was on an assignment to take some important items to Fear and the Master of the Bone Force. Can Wreck’s knowledge of the rough seas around the island save them from a worse fate? A massive storm hits the Renegade and Outlaw pirates’ ship as they are approaching Storm Island. One of the Pink Pirate’s called Glam is washed up away from the others. Glam comes across a former Renegade Pirate called Tiger, who had come to Storm Island a year before on a mission to find C.J. Hudson. What she uncovered in that year about the island is revealing and now with Glam they will try and free C.J Hudson and then find the other pirate’s before it’s too late.

This brand new swashbuckling stage show will please your family audience and your cast will love being a part of adventurous production. 

Roles: 8 principal plus several small speaking roles, plus many cameos and a chorus with some lines as well. A minimum cast of 25, but if you want dancers and singers then the cast can be easily 30 plus. 

Runtime:  A show that consists of acting, singing and dancing it is approx 100 minutes, assuming that you use the full number of suggested musical numbers and not including any interval. But this is very dependent on your own production and can be edited by yourselves to suit.

Music: All of our musicals and pantomimes come with a full, suggested songs and music cues, plus background music which helps carries the story forward. 

Style: A fast pace musical which will please a modern family audience. 

**This production is ideal for a theatre group and schools to produce and perform.