BOW & ARROW The Outlaws of Sherwood


                                   *BRAND NEW** 

Are Bow Scar and Arrow Hunter the new heroes of Sherwood...the problem is they are outlaws and even at that they're not great. Often they are on the wrong side of the Sheriff AKA The Control Freak.

This is a story about self-growth and empowerment with a lot of naughtiness. Not a show for the faint-hearted to perform or watch. 

This is a brand new adult comedy musical written by Barry Levy. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you are easily offended then this may not be the right script for your group or company to undertake, however, if you like to do a show a little outside the box then this is the perfect script for you. 

Genre: Adult comedy musical. 

Cast size: A cast od 12. Male - 6 Female - 6.