Synopsis: This new gritty play is set in a youth detention centre for girls which tells the story of the daily hardships of being detained at a young age. The main character is Sasha Kilpatrick, a streetwise kind of girl who has been in and out of Warnock detention centre for over the last four years. Following a warehouse job which Sasha was doing with her friend Dodge, where things didn’t go to plan she is sent by the courts to several years locked up. 

Other characters we meet include the gift of the gap character Gemma who can get her hands on anything for the inmates, but for a price. A newbie to the detention centre is Amy, a softly spoken character who thinks Warnock is going to be like a holiday camp……it’s anything but. 

Roles: 6 female teenager parts, 5 adult parts and several young people will be required to play extras in the detention centre. 

Runtime:  A show that consists of acting, singing and dancing it is approx 100 minutes, assuming that you use the full number of suggested musical numbers and not including any interval. But this is very dependent on your own production and can be edited by yourselves to suit.

Music: Background music to help drive the storyline forward and bring an atmosphere to some of the scenes. 

Style: A gritty stage play which is aimed at entertaining older teenagers and adults. Some scenes in this maybe unsuitable you young children.